Xanax and Lamictal and Celebrex – What are these Drugs for?

September 17, 2016

We live in an age where there are many treatment drugs available to us.  Thanks to modern medicine, science, technology, research, and pharmaceutics, a great number of diseases and medical conditions can now be effectively treated using modern drugs.  Although some treatment drugs can be easily purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy, serious ones requires them to be prescribed to you by your physician.

Prescribed drugs should not be taken lightly as taking them without your doctor’s knowledge or directions may prove to be dangerous on your part.  This is because many prescribed drugs have certain side effects or adverse reactions or contraindications when taken without the proper direction and instructions of your doctor.  Xanax and Lamictal and Celebrex are just a few of the prescribed drugs you should never take without properly consulting your condition with your doctor first.  This is mainly because Xanax and Lamictal and Celebrex are not your regular medicine that can be taken lightly due to possible side effects or addition towards their treatment properties.  It is necessary that Xanax and Lamictal and Celebrex are taken with the approval of your doctor.

Xanax is a drug that is used for treating panic disorders, anxiety disorders, and anxiety that is caused by depression.  This drug should not be misused as Xanax use can be habit forming.  Aside from being addictive, Xanax can also cause overdose as well as death if it is not used properly.  It is advised to never drink any alcohol when using this drug, and always refer to how this drug should be properly used and use only as directed by your physician.  Do not use this drug just because your friend uses it for a similar medical or physical condition that you have.

Lamictal is a drug that is used for epilepsy, as its major treatment property is an anti-epileptic treatment drug.  Additionally, Lamictal can also be used as an anticonvulsant drug.  The drug can be used alone or in combination with other meds that can help treat or remedy epileptic seizures both in adults and in children.  It is advised to take Lamictal only as directed by your doctor and never take it without any proper directions or instructions given by a medical professional.  Using this without proper instructions may lead to life-threatening situations.  If prescribed to use the drug, make it a point to follow proper dosage use to ensure you do not overdose.

Xanax and Lamictal and Celebrex are not regular drugs you should use and abuse.  There are certain interactions between Xanax and Lamictal and Celebrex use so you should consult your doctor if you are to use any of the three drugs.  Harmful interactions will result in the mixing of any of these three meds so you should make it a point to consult your doctor first.  Always disclose any medications or maintenance treatment drugs you are taking so your doctor can take into consideration if there are interactions between the drug you will be prescribed with and the maintenance medicines you are already taking.