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Beauty Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

Thousands of women have sensitive skin that needs a special beauty skin care regimen. How do you know if you have sensitive skin? If your skin is easily irritated, flares up with much product use, breaks out frequently or reacts to many products, you probably have sensitive skin. Many people with food allergies also have sensitive skin that tends to flare up when certain beauty products are used.

Top Ten Beauty Skin Care Suggestions For Sensitive Skin
Fortunately there are many beauty skin care tips you can follow to not only protect but also enhance the appearance of your skin, whether sensitive or otherwise. Here are some beauty skin care tips from the experts for caring for sensitive skin:

1. Avoid using fancy soaps and lotions. These often contain multiple fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. Opt for gentle and natural products instead that contain few ingredients. The fewer ingredients the better.
2. Check labels and avoid products with ingredients you are allergic to. If for example you know you have a soy allergy, you probably want to stay away from beauty skin care products with soy in them (and there are many). Fortunately there are multiple alternatives for nourishing the skin including goat’s milk and cows milk products. These are often gentle, natural and moisturizing alternatives to more chemically formulated lotions, cleansers and soaps.

3. Avoid over cleansing. This can severely irritate already sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin you’ll want to stick to light products with few ingredients but also minimize your cleansing routine. There is no point in exfoliating, scrubbing, toning, moisturizing then exfoliating again if you have sensitive skin.
4. Keep soap away from your face. Look for gentler cleansers instead that will remove surface oils and dirt without overly drying or irritating your skin. This small move may actually help your skin become less sensitive with time.
5. Opt for water-soluble lotions and moisturizers. These generally penetrate well and are much less likely to irritate sensitive skin.
6. Avoid using hot water especially on your face and instead opt for warm water. Hot water can open pores and irritate skin even further.
7. Try products labeled hypoallergenic. These are naturally formulated with sensitive skin in mind.
8. Use fragrance free products when possible. Opt for mild fragrances applied sparingly when you do decide to use fragrances.
9. Opt for non-comedogenic products. These won’t clog your pores.
10. Try PABA-free sun blocks and products that have been dermatologist tested and recommended.

Of course these suggestions are also helpful if you have normal or combination skin and simply want to take better care of your skin from season to season. In general low chemical products are better for our skin than those with extra-added chemicals. Hot water is not only damaging to the skin on our faces but also to our hair. It can leech hair color faster than a color remover and leave hair dry and brittle. You should also take care to wash your face and neck every night before bed and splash some water on your face on rising. This will help you feel more vibrant and reduce your chance of developing fine lines early on (particularly if you have a habit of going to bed without make up on).

Remember we only get one skin to cover our bodies for our entire lives. It’s up to us to do the best we can to care for it. Whether you have sensitive, oily, normal, and dry or combination skin it is important you adopt a beauty routine to accommodate your skin specific needs. Your body and skin will thank you in the long run!