eDiets' "Vegetarian" Plan

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

'Love animals. Don't eat them.' It's a bumper sticker that's showing up more and more as more and more people turn to the vegetarian lifestyle. eDiets.com Vegetarian Plan is good for your health, and even better for your spirit.

Some people don't eat meat or fish for health reasons. Others won't eat meat or fish as a matter of conscience. In either case, the number of vegetarians is growing in this country, and if you want proof, just look at the proliferation of food products targeted at vegetarians - everything from vegetarian hot dogs to silk (that's soy milk). In fact, in many large supermarkets, there's a large and growing food section just for those who don't or won't eat meat, fish or anything with a nose.

The Vegetarian Diet - by eDiets is designed for everyone - the dyed-in-the-wool vegan who foregoes all meats, fish and other animal products like milk, eggs and cheese, to the vegetarian who still eats dairy, to the veggie-dabbler who enjoys a piece of chicken now and again, but also enjoys the health benefits a vegetarian diet provides. The program can be adapted to suit your food tastes, your lifestyle and your beliefs.

The program offers a range of plant-based meals that still provide all of the nutrients your body requires - including protein for growth and body repair. Since the primary source of protein in our diets traditionally comes from meats, fish and animal products, getting enough protein into a vegan (no animal products) diet is tough. And, it's even tougher to make those high-protein, vegan dishes taste good, as well as make you feel good about yourself.

But that's what the eDiet Vegetarian Plan is all about - delivering good nutrition in good tasting dishes that allow you to feel good about your decision to go vegetarian. This diet plan also offers a variety of tasty meals that are fast and easy to prepare, to fit easily into our increasingly busy lives.

Adaptable to vegan, lacto-ova or part-time vegetarian diets, the Vegetarian Diet - by eDiets is easy to incorporate into your existing menus and your existing lifestyle. Discover why vegetarians are always smiling.