Turn Your Home Into A Day Spa

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

You've been up since 5:00 AM, making breakfasts, prepping lunches and getting the family off to work and school. Time for a little break from the hectic world outside.

The front door slams shut, the big yellow bus lumbers down the street, the laundry is already started, the dishes are soaking and the whole day is before you. You could…clean out the garage, reorganize the sock drawer, pull the last of the weeds from the garden, finish up the project your boss is expecting next week. Or….you could take some time for yourself. You know you deserve it. Come on, just a couple of hours. Think of how much more productive you'll be after a little bit of TLC. You make sure everyone else is taken care of. Now it’s your turn…to turn your home into an oasis.

Turn off the phones (cellular, too). Turn on your home answering system and screen your calls. Only pick up if it’s a true emergency – not your sister’s drama of the day, not your mother-in-law calling to offer more advice, not that gossipy neighbor wondering why you’re inside with all the blinds down in the middle of the day. Only true emergencies get picked up. The same goes for the front door. Whoever it is, they’ll come back.

Light scented candles and play beautiful, soothing music.

Deep condition your hair.

A facial is one of the best parts of a day at the spa. Your spa is at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this part. Steam your face over the bathroom sink, using a towel as a tent. Use a deep cleansing mask if you have one in your beauty supplies, or make one using household ingredients like oatmeal, honey and milk. Slather your face in moisturizer and spend a few minutes massaging it in.

Manicure and Pedicure. Get out that foot bath that Santa brought for Christmas last year. Read a good book or just zone out while your feet soak. Buff, file and polish. If you’ve got a steady hand, go for color. If you’re hand is shaky, stick with clear.

A Spa Lunch is simple. A salad. Fruit, cheese, and crackers. Something light and refreshing. Drink water to keep those clean, tight pores glowing.

Take A Nap, even if you’re not tired. Get in bed, snuggle up and just rest.

You see, you don’t need to go away to have the spa experience. Take comfort and nourish yourself - body, mind and soul - in the comfort of your own home.