Transfer Resistant Makeup Products...Really?

Transfer Resistant Makeup

Remember the good old days when you were in an all-day meeting at work, or a jam-packed party at a friend's place, and when you really needed a top-up on your beverage you could tell right away which coffee cup, or wine glass was yours…just by looking around the rim and seeing your lipstick mark imprinted on the glass.

Of course, leaving those personal lipstick traces on everything got a bit irritating, what with opening up the dishwasher after running it for a cycle - and finding every cup you'd used still had your 'berry berry hot pink' lipstick mark clinging to the rim. Most of the time it made you think to yourself 'why does lipstick, or foundation or eye makeup for that matter always rub off, stick to, or tattoo just about every other surface?' Other than your face of course, where it belonged.

Unfortunately, that wasn't even the worst of it with the wandering makeup epidemic. For those of us who can recall it - there was the horrific tension of the first-date kiss...when we hoped against hope that our lipstick wouldn't leave that great new boyfriend looking like Bozo the Clown because our 'shockingly red rose' shade had transferred all over his manly jaw and even into that dashing dimple on his chin.

However, the burning desire for a makeup miracle - specifically, transfer resistant makeup products - only became obvious to millions of women on one of the most important and monumental days of their life - their wedding day.

Brides faced more than a few obstacles to maintaining a perfect face during their special day - uncertain weather, a receiving line of kissing cousins that went on forever, not to forget the misty moments and those "I Do!" tears wreaking havoc on the eye shadow, lipstick and foundation staples of bridal beauty.

Cosmetic Companies Finally Came To The Rescue
The best-selling makeup companies in the world heard our pleas for longer-lasting makeup and responded, as recently as 2001, with a wide range of patented and specially formulated 'transfer-resistant' makeup products for women everywhere. So, in this wonderful new age of rub-free, stain-free, no-more-tattoos beauty products, you can keep your lips lush with rich and glossy color for eight hours or more per application, or your eye shadow matte and smudge-proof for just as long too.

Perhaps the most glorious news on the 'transfer resistant makeup' front is in foundation coverage - because you can now keep the glow of perfect skin on your face without making of mess of cheek-print impressions on your favorite cream-colored pullover. The choice of all kinds of transfer resistant makeup is now at your fingertips.

A Fantastic Foundation Every Woman Can Be Confident In
Foundation has definitely traveled the furthest of any makeup in the new age of transfer resistant technology. While earlier versions of stain-free, foundation coverage may have felt 'caked on' or unnatural, you will now find a fantastic, transfer resistant foundation that glides onto your skin smoothly for a clean and perfect-looking finish.

The best cosmetic manufacturers won't exactly divulge the secret of transfer resistant foundation - but they will reveal that a special mix of non-greasy oils moisturize your face, while polymers 'fix' your foundation, and a special, fluid ingredient lets the foundation move with your skin - without pulling - to look completely natural.

Some bridal makeup artists recommend that the use of pressed powder over transfer resistant foundation makeup. This will allow you to kiss and embrace your husband, and receive warm hugs of congratulation from family and friends, while your foundation stays fresh and your face all-day beautiful. A light dusting of powder, using a special puff or big makeup brush, will keep the shine from your t-zone, without diminishing your blushing bridal glow.

What Makes Transfer Resistant Makeup Work?
Beauty manufacturers have put a number of special secrets into their new cosmetic technology, to make makeup truly transfer resistant and keep you beautifully fresh all day and all night. Better pigments and polymers are contained in the best lipsticks, and transfer resistant lipsticks are topped off with a clear moisturizing topcoat that further protects color - meaning no more lipstick prints on your coffee cup, when you're eating every kind of food, or with that great new boyfriend.

Eye makeup shades and mascaras have come just as far in transfer resistant technology. So if you're looking for a smudge-free shadow or run-free mascara, look for a dual-system in each product that features a protective layer to keep your shadow or mascara in place. Then, sweep your eye color on top of your lids, or your mascara across your lash length, for a stunning look that stays put until you reach for that bottle of eye makeup remover at the end of a long day.