How Self-Help and Motivational Practices Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Improving your self-esteem and self-confidence will skyrocket you to emotional wellness and personal success. Building or improving your self-esteem may seem like a tremendous task. Fortunately there are several easy ways to boost your confidence and self-esteem and stay motivated to achieve your dreams.

Self-Help For Boosting Confidence
One way to build your self-esteem is by sharing others experiences. We often feel that we are alone when facing life’s struggles and challenges. If you look, you’ll find that thousands of other women battle many of the same stressors every day. Whether you are overweight, struggling with infertility, unemployed, depressed, single or divorced, there are hundreds of resources to help you re-establish your confidence and self-esteem. Where do you find other women’s stories to learn from? There are hundreds of support groups on the web. You can also turn to friends and family members. Many self help books share personal struggles and stories abut also offer suggestions for improving your life in a positive way.

Many women find journaling a tremendous confidence booster. Daily journaling can also help you uncover negative emotions and feelings that may thwart your health and wellness goals. Through journaling you may be able to recognize repetitive thoughts and feelings that may be negatively shaping your attitudes and moods. Journaling can also help you relieve stress and feel better about your emotions, moods and attitudes. You don’t have to write anything fancy or complicated when journaling. Your journal can simply be a collection of your daily thoughts, emotions or feelings. You can even jot down a few words or expressions that help clarify your mental state for the day, and another set that describe where you would like to be the next.

How To Stay Motivated
Whether you are starting a fitness program for the first time, trying to lose weight, build your career or even stay organized, remaining on task often seems like the biggest challenge. Motivation isn’t as mysterious as it first may seem. There are simple strategies you can easily incorporate into your life to help you become and stay motivated regardless of your goals and aspirations. Here are some strategies for staying on task and motivated throughout your life.

1. Reward yourself for small steps you make in the right direction. We all have disappointing days where we aren’t able to accomplish everything we set out to. This is not reason to lose all hope for future success. Let’s say you are on a diet and slip up at a company lunch. That’s no reason to give up hope. When you do meet your daily, weekly or monthly goals, no matter how small or large, you should reward yourself in some way. It would be great if there was a person designated as our reward captain, ready to hand out rewards whenever we achieve something memorable. However realistically speaking, many times its up to us to reward ourselves. A reward may include an hour of peace an quite, a new book or blouse, a trip to the salon, a pedicure, and a day off from house cleaning. Anything you can think of that may be a small treat qualifies as a reward.

2. Avoid getting into the habit of thinking about the ‘what ifs’. Thinking about what could have happened can be self defeating. You can’t change the past, you can only move forward and change your life in the future. There is no reason to dwell on past circumstances, decisions or events. Doing so will make you feel trapped and contribute to your lack of emotion. Remember every day you move forward you are becoming a wiser and better person. That should keep you going.

3. Find others who believe in you. Lean on them when you feel your motivation is lacking. They will help reaffirm all the reasons you deserve the best and help you stay on track. If your goals include weight loss for example, consider having a fitness buddy you can call to encourage and motivate you when you are feeling lost. You can do the same for them.

4. Value your achievements.You will only remain motivated if you truly believe you are accomplishing something worthwhile. We all have something to contribute to this world. No one person is better than the other. No matter how small your accomplishment, it helps make you a better person. That benefits everyone.

Strong self-esteem and self confidence are the cornerstone of health and wellness. It is important you take time out of your busy life to establish health and wellness goals that include building your self esteem and confidence. Once you do this, take extra care to stay on task and remain motivated throughout this journey of life.