Personalize Your Perfume with Fresh or Fanciful Fragrance Oils

It can be fun strolling through the cosmetic department in any major department store. The women behind the counter always offer a complimentary spray of the newest designer perfume, and that heady perfume in the chic bottle will probably smell very spectacular - until you catch a whiff of the price tag!

It's no surprise that quite a few of the most popular singers or actresses today have also jumped onto the lucrative fragrance bandwagon with an exotic - and expensive - perfume or cologne.

Did you know that you could be enjoying your very own personalized perfume, using fragrance oils that are readily available at a very reasonable cost online?

What are Fragrance Oils?
Essentially, fragrance oils are similar to the 'essential oils' that are used in aromatherapy massage care, skin care treatments and natural bath and body products.

Every aromatic plant or flower contains oil in the essence of its own natural scent, and these natural fragrance oils can be taken directly from plants, flowers, and even fruits through a specialized, steam distilling process in big sterile vats. This steam distilling process is very similar to the one that those big cosmetic companies and perfume designers use to get the scents for their perfumes.

Benefits of Fragrance Oils
When you select fragrance oil perfumes from a reputable company online, you are getting the natural scent from your favorite plant or flower in a hygienic 'cosmetic grade' format (meaning the fragrance oils are the same quality as a designer perfume and are completely safe on your skin) and you're not paying a designer price tag for your favorite scents.
  • Hint: 'Pure' or 'uncut' fragrance oil is not safe for your skin.
In addition, although those designer perfumes look very trendy in those cool bottles, their perfume contains alcohol and other chemicals like mineral oil or something called 'acetone' as preservatives. In fact, the majority of designer perfumes are more of a 'blend' than a natural fragrance, and the blend is only 20% fragrance oils - and 80% or more of something like ethyl alcohol.

Unlike designer perfumes, you can choose naturally derived fragrance oils online that contain absolutely no alcohol, mineral oil or acetone that can have a drying effect or cause a reaction on your skin.
  • Hint: Since fragrance oil contains no alcohol, its smell is more potent than department store perfumes.
Fragrance Oil at a fraction of Designer Priced Perfume
Creators of naturally derived fragrance oils have based some scents on famous designer perfumes or popular colognes. That's great to know, because if you're looking for a non-alcoholic version of that Jo Lo or Celine scent, you could very well find a more affordable and naturally scented version of that designer perfume in a fragrance oil perfume.
  • Hint: An online fragrance oil manufacturer should offer a few inexpensive, trial samples of their designer fragrance oil perfumes, and you should try their versions before purchase because some fragrance oils react differently to your body chemistry, and may not be true to their department store counterpart's scent.
Other uses of Naturally Scented Fragrance Oils
Because of their naturally vivid scent, fragrance oils are extremely popular in everything from bath oils and soaps to body lotions, fragrant candles and incense that can waft enticingly through your next dinner party. Aromatherapy oils are a similar essential oil commonly used in aromatherapy massage treatments. Aromatherapy massage therapists often mix their own massage oils using a heavier concentration of essential aromatherapy oils.

Many kids love to smell just like Mommy, and now you can safely let your little sweetie wear perfume - rest assured that it doesn't contain ethyl alcohol or another harsh chemical that could very well cause a reaction to your child's sensitive skin. You can even give your child her very own fragrance oil in a delicious-smelling, natural scent like black cherry or strawberry!

Tips to keep your Fragrance Oil long lasting
The main reason designer perfumes contain so much alcohol is to preserve the perfume, and because fragrance oils are generally 'alcohol-free', you've got to keep them in a cool, dark area, and they will last longer if you keep them in the plain, tightly-capped containers they come in.

Some fragrance oil manufacturers offer their 'designer' versions in a roll-on style for easy access in your purse. However, you must remember that fragrance oil is not as long-lasting as an alcohol-based perfume, but the lower price and natural composition of fragrance oil products really makes up for this small inconvenience.

It's very handy to be able to check out the best fragrance company oils online. Some companies have a better reputation for longer-lasting, non-chemical fragrance oils - so you will benefit from checking out a few companies online before making your purchase decision.