Nutritional Value of Foods

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Good Nutrition means Eating a Healthy Well Balanced Diet

When it comes to living a healthy life few things are as important as good nutrition. Having good nutrition means eating a healthy well balanced diet. A healthy well balanced diet will provide the vitamins and nutrients that you need to help you feel great and perform at your very best. While exercise is also an important part of living a healthy life, it all starts with good nutrition. But in a world where you are surrounded by temptation, and always seem to be in a hurry how do you find the time to eat right? You do so by planning ahead and shopping for the right kinds of foods.

Planning Ahead is the Key to Good Nutrition
The key to a healthy well balanced diet is to plan ahead. You need to take the time and plan your meals ahead to make your weekly trip to the store nutritional. By planning your meals out for the week you can take some of the stress out of trying to come up with healthy meals on the fly. Since all of us like to snack throughout the day it's important that healthy snacks be a part of our weekly shopping list as well. You should buy perishable snacks to keep around the house and nonperishable ones that you can take with you while you are at work or out running errands.

Foods to Eat to Maintain Good Nutrition
When it comes to maintaining good nutrition variety is the key. In order to fuel your body with all that it needs you need to eat a wide variety of healthy foods. Eating foods that are high in lean protein will help you to build and maintain muscle. Foods that are high in complex carbohydrates can help to give you the energy to get through your day. Foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants help to supplement your body, and can even help to fight the aging process.

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy life, it can help you to feel better, live longer, and look better. Why should you reach for an energy drink to give you a pick me up? All that you really need to do is consume healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains or fresh fruits and vegetables to give yourself a natural energy boost. Not only is this a better source of energy, it is also much better for you. Smart eating is the key to feeling your best and having the best body you can.

Experiment to Find What You Like
So you don't like cabbage or grape fruit. That's ok. You don't need to eat every fruit and vegetable that you come across. You don't need to eat canned tuna if you hate fish. What you do need to do to maintain good nutrition is to find healthy foods that you like. By experimenting and trying different foods you can find healthy choices that you enjoy. Sticking to a healthy diet is nearly impossible if you are forcing yourself to eat foods that you hate. Instead of trying to eat canned tuna, try chicken. If you don't like cabbage have a carrot. By making intelligent choices and finding foods that you like you can greatly increase the chances that you will stick to your healthy diet.

Cheating is Ok
Eating right and maintaining good nutrition is hard. It's a daily challenge that can be pretty difficult at times. This is why it's alright to cheat on occasion. If you’re on the run and forget to pack a snack then eating a candy bar once in a while won't kill you. If you feel like having a donut for breakfast instead of the usual oatmeal, go ahead and have one. The important thing to remember is that eating that donut or candy bar needs to be a rare treat. It needs to be something that helps to break up your usual diet and gives you a break. By cheating a little, you can enjoy your unhealthy snack and still not have them impact your overall plan for good nutrition.

Keeping up good nutrition in your life isn't going to be easy. You probably have a job and a family that demands a lot of your time. You are probably pretty busy from the time you get out of bed until you get back in it at night. But the truth is that good nutrition needs to be a priority. Good nutrition will help you to feel your best which will allow you to take on the many challenges that life throws your way. You can't simply use the excuse that you’re too busy to keep up good nutrition. You need to find the time. You need to plan weekly trips to the store to buy healthy foods. You need to pack healthy snacks so that you can avoid unhealthy ones. You need to eat a healthy diet so that you can stay vibrant and full of life for you and your family. Your body will only perform at its best if it is fueled the right way. Failing to eat right and neglecting nutrition is a sure way to accelerate the aging process and feel rundown. Life is a challenge and you need to be at your best to meet all that it has in store for you. Having good nutrition and making smart choices when you eat is the most important thing you can do to keep up your health.