The Clean-Up on Makeup

Every morning you spend 20-30 minutes applying makeup to your face, in hopes that it will cover those fine lines with hopes that it will make you appear younger and more beautiful looking. But how much time do you spend every night removing that same makeup? Sure, throughout the day, it has started to fade, but it's still there. Makeup removal should be just as important as the actual makeup. After all, it's makeup that dries the skin that clogs the pores, and creates those fine lines. It's sort of the chicken and egg scenario, you need the make up to cover the lines, and the remover and skin care regiment to stop the lines. Which came first?

Just as important as removing the makeup daily, is removing the makeup properly. Cleansing products should be as chemical-free as possible, most bar soaps contain deodorants that are harsh on the facial skin and leave residues that often clog pores, furthermore, they tend to dry-out the facial skin. Developing a proper skin care regiment and a proper routine for makeup removal for your specific skin type is key.

Many professionals recommend washing the face twice before going to bed every night. Once, to actually remove the makeup and then again to remove dead skin cells and actually wash the facial skin. It is also recommended to wash the face before applying makeup during the morning hours. Oils and residues can buildup over night on the face. Always moisturize after cleansing, this helps hydrate your skin. There are basically two problem skin types when discussing makeup removal and cleansing alternatives:
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
Facial Cleansers for dry skin are called emulsions, because they use the dissolving action of oils to remove makeup. Usually, they leave an emollient film, which prevents too drastic a removal of fats or oils from the skin, leaving it feeling moisturized. A little oil is okay because it's a natural lipid like ceramides, which have an important role in preventing an excessive loss of water from the skin. Most creams, milk or lotion cleansers are formulated for dry skin cleansing.

Facial Cleansers for oily skin, most often that of younger women may be in succession with an acne condition. Although, oily skin may be bothersome to the individual, it is actually an advantage over dry skin. Oily skin tends to be less easily damaged than dry skin, and less prone to moisture loss. The best cleanser for oily skin is a light oil/water emulsion. Selection of a cleanser should be based on whether or not the cleanser will rinse off well. Residue free cleansers and cleansers that do not contain moisturizers are best for oily skin.

If you are one of the few that has a normal skin type; you may opt for the cleanser that leaves your skin feeling the softest. You would not have to worry about oil or dryness and therefore can be more liberal with the types of cleansers you use. However, many times taking into consideration climate changes and humidity variations can cause even normal skin to act dry or become oily.

Another issue women worry about regarding skin cleansers is sensitivity. People with sensitive skin can react to certain fragrances or preservatives, however there are specially formulated cleansers for the sensitive skin type. A pH-balanced cleanser will react favorably with sensitive skin.

Most women who where eye makeup find a normal cleanser does not remove the makeup completely. Stubborn waterproof mascara and liners often require an oil-based cleanser to adequately remove the residue. Because the skin around the eye is very thin and easily wrinkles and develops fine lines; it is recommended to use a specially formulated eye makeup remover and blot the eye area; never rub. However, the best mascara and eye make-up would be water soluble; an oil free eye makeup remover or even an oil free makeup remover can generally remove this type of eye makeup. If you wear contacts, Optometrists recommend that patients always wear water soluble eye makeup to avoid infections and eye irritants and always use an oil free makeup remover.

If anything, women must learn to treat their faces with respect. Take the 20-30 minutes per day to baby your skin when removing makeup. Cleansing the face 1-3 times daily with a mild cleanser will help in eliminating those fine lines, clogged pores, and discoloration's; the main reasons we wear the makeup for in the first place!