eDiets "High-Fiber" Diet Plan

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

When you think of high-fiber foods, do you think of crackers that taste like cardboard, prune juice and cereal that looks like kitty kibble? Well, eDiets.com High-Fiber Diet is a high-fiber diet plan that's also high in taste and health benefits.

If it's good for you, it's got to taste bad. Think about it. Broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, gritty breads, bran cereal - all good for you, but to many people, foods like these come up lacking in the taste department. Too bad, too.

Fiber in foods is nothing more than roughage that passes through the body undigested - sort of like eating a Brillo pad. Fiber passes through the digestive tract, scrubbing it out, while providing bulk for smooth sailing when you sit on the porcelain throne tending to business.

Fiber provides other health benefits. It lowers cholesterol. That's why oat-based foods, high in fiber, are recommended to those fighting the cholesterol battle. It's thought to regulate blood sugar levels, eliminating those sugar "peaks" and "valleys," and it fills you up without adding calories or fats. That's why a high fiber diet is so great for those looking to shed a few pounds - you always feel full thanks to fiber. So, even though fiber doesn't provide vitamins, minerals or other nutrients, it does provide a great deal of health benefit. Too bad it all tastes so blah.

Well, the fact is: if you're good to your colon (part of the digestive system - actually the last part) your colon will be good to you, so a high-fiber diet, that also tastes good, sounds very tempting. That's why High Fiber Diet by eDiets.com was created - to provide fiber and taste - on the same plate!

How about broccoli (a high-fiber food) with a tangy sauce l'orange? You'll love it. Or, how about a fresh tomato (high in fiber) sandwich on whole wheat bread (more fiber). Lightly toast the bread, spread a thin layer of reduced-fat mayo, thinly slice the tomato, cold from the fridge, and stack the slices on the bread. Top the whole thing off with chopped fresh basil, or for those who want a bit more zing, chopped fresh cilantro. The combination of the warm bread and cold tomato will make you forget that you're actually eating something that's good for you. Now, ain't that somethin'!

You won't have to eat boxboard crackers or even touch a prune on eDiets' "High Fiber" Diet Plan - unless you want to.