eDiets' "Heart Smart" Diet Plan

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. It's also a condition that can be treated before it becomes a threat to life. eDiets.com Heart Smart Diet Plan is a diet that's heart smart and tasty, too.

Obesity is a major health problem in America - and a growing problem at that (pun intended). People eat too many high-fat, high-sugar foods while getting virtually no exercise. So, what happens to all of those fat and sugar calories that aren't burned by the body during a nice, two-mile walk? They're stored on the body as fat.

Lugging around an extra 20, 30, 40 or more pounds all day, every day is hard on the heart. The heart has to work harder (beat more often) to do even little things like climb a set of stairs or drag the garbage cans to the curb. That's why overweight people huff and puff. It's hard lugging around that extra weight.

But wait, the plot thickens. High fat diets, diets in which fast foods are gourmet delights, contribute little nutritional value and can do a whole lot of harm to the old ticker. Fats in foods contribute to higher levels of cholesterol in many people, indicating potential heart problems in the years ahead. People with higher levels of cholesterol will have more heart problems than people with lower levels of cholesterol. That's just simple science with plenty of test results to back it up.

That's why eDiets developed a long-term, easy-to-live-with diet designed to help you lose excess weight, stop the harmful effects of your unhealthy eating habits and even improve your chances of living a longer, happier, healthier life by undoing some of the damage that's already been done.

For example, certain common foods, oatmeal, for example, have been shown to actually lower cholesterol levels by as much as 15%. That's a significant benefit for simply eating your oatmeal each morning (no butter, please).

Eat to beat heart disease at eDiets.com will get you turned around and pointed in the right direction down the road to good health. It provides lots of tips on the foods you should avoid (red meat, bacon and fast foods), the foods you should eat (whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies) and how to prepare foods that are tasty and low in fat (broiled fish instead of batter-dipped, deep-fried fish - both very tasty, but one is good for you, the other isn't).

No matter what your age, today is the day to start eating smarter, not only for the quality of your heart's health, but for the quality of your entire life. You can stop the damage, and in many cases, even reverse some of the damage that's been done and eDiets' "Heart Smart" Diet Plan has the "how-to's" to show you how. Eat to beat heart disease at eDiets.com. Your heart will thank you - and so will your grandkids.