Healthy Body and Soul

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Healthy Body and Soul
Having trouble finding your natural calm with your hectic schedule? Is your skin aging faster with so much stress? From anti aging products to yoga, this section of our site is dedicated to help you in your quest for a healthy body and soul. Isn't it time to revisit to your nutrition & beauty routine? We can help you find out what works and what doesn't, including the latest information on body and mind exercises to help reinvigorate your mind and body.

A Healthy Lifestyle is an Easy Ticket to a Healthy Body and Soul
How many of us can really take pride in having a healthy body and soul? For most of us, the pressure of everyday life takes a toll on the overall mental and physical health. So here is all you need to know about keeping your body, mind and soul in top shape.

Prepare Yourself for a Body and Mind Makeover
The first step to making a change begins with accepting the fact that a change is essential. Whether it is weight loss, enhancing your outlook, inner peace and happiness or a better lifestyle, start with embracing the need to make a change. Give your body an average of 30 to 40 minutes of physical exercise. Pick a fitness routine of your choice; it could be running, walking jogging, aerobics, dancercise, gym, pilates, yoga, kickboxing and so on. Along with good physical activity, enjoy a well-balanced meal.

Eat Right
What you eat can tell a lot about your overall health. Skipping breakfast is a cardinal sin. Most of people make the mistake of missing this important meal and to compensate, overeat during lunch or snack excessively. Keep a schedule and break your day's meal in 5 or 6 small meals. Include fruits, vegetables, lean meat, pulses, nuts and essential oils; ensure your food comprises a balanced amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, calcium and other micro nutrients. This will provide you the required energy to pull through your day while keeping your body and mind active. Reach for fruits and nuts instead of picking that packet of chips. Snacking healthy is the key to better health. Always carry a fruit, nutrition bar or dry fruits when you are out of your home, this will help you kill your hunger pangs while giving you the required energy. Some of the foods that you consume can help you a great deal in maintaining a beautiful skin. Dry fruits and nuts like walnuts and almonds are rich in anti-oxidants that keep your fresh, youthful and healthy for a long time.

Hydrate your Body
Water is a magic portion for top-quality health and beauty. If you thought the common adage of having to drink an average of 6 to 8 glasses of water is just a myth, think again! Drinking sufficient water not just keeps your body cool and hydrated; it also flushes out the toxins, which are the root causes for problems like constipation,skin breakouts, and dull skin and so on. Keep sipping water regularly; you could drink green tea or water with a wedge of lime and few sprigs of mint.

Indulging is good; give your body the much needed reward or break. Enjoy an elaborate meal with family and friends, once in a while. Use this as a reward for your other days of watchful eating. Indulge in a favorite food; however, portion size is pivotal. While giving your body the essential indulgence, don't forget your mind and soul that needs the relaxation too. Visit a spa or salon for a regular massages and therapies that will provide your body and soul the necessary relaxation.

Find a quiet place in your house and spend some quality time with you. Think of all things that make you peaceful and happy; meditate and connect with your inner soul.

Positivity In, Negativity Out
Always surround yourself with positive thoughts and people. This will help your mind keep away thoughts that cause you a lot of stress and negativity. When your thoughts are cleared, it allows your body and soul to feel healthy as well.

Build Better Relationships with Family and Friends
Spend a lot of quality time with your loved ones. Besides being a great source for positive energy around you, will also help you build a stronger relationship with them. Whether it is a child, spouse, parent, sibling or friend; listen, communicate and feel the love. This will help you feel younger and healthier.

Pursue a Hobby
It could be sewing, gardening, baking or just about anything you like. This will keep you active and happy because you will be involved in what you enjoy doing the most. This is a great way to approach a healthy body and soul.

Feel Beautiful, Inside-Out
Tell yourself that you are healthy, happy and at peace. These affirmations help you inch closer towards a healthier body and soul. Give yourself a new haircut and a wardrobe change; similarly, get your body checked regularly to eliminate the possibility of any illness. Help yourself discover a new you.

Aromatherapy is the using of essential oils to soothe the body and mind with the use of fragrances. These essential oils travel through the bloodstream, reacting with the body’s natural enzymes and hormones. When breathed in, the nerve ends in the nose transmit signals to the brain which reacts by inducing pleasant memories, and relaxation. Use aromatherapy to find your natural calm.