The Causes and Treatments for Dry Hair
Many women suffer from having extremely dry hair, understand the causes and treatments.
In most cases, it will take time to rid a person of damaged hair.
There are treatments to improve the look of damaged hair.
One of the most common hair problems facing women is dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair.
Facing dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair, fortunately we have the steps to transfomr frizzy into silky.
Conditioners can help moisturize, add shine and manageability
There are 3 types of conditioners. Do you know which is right for you.
Bring Out Your Hair's Natural Highlights
Do you want beautiful, natural looking highlights in your hair without spending a fortune on a professional highlighting job?
Gray Hair - To Color or Not To Color
Here are some things you might want to consider if you decide to try and hide your gray

Selecting The Best Color For Your Hair

What is the best hair color for you?

Stick with Colors that Complement your Skin Tone

Selecting the best color for your hair and skin tone is truly an art form. If you select the right hair color your features pop and your hairstyle looks spicy and fun. Select the wrong color and you'll end up looking drab and dull. The best hair color is formulated to look natural. While you can always opt for some dramatic highlights, its best to stick with colors that complement your skin tone.

Decent hair color will do many things for you. It will add shine, body and life to your hair and face. It may even help you style your hair. Hair color can also give your spirits a boost and improve your emotional outlook on life. Hard to imagine something as simple as hair color can do all that, but it can! Before looking at colors, let look at the different kinds of hair color you can add to you hair.

Semi permanent hair color adds long lasting but temporary color to your hair. Most colors stain your hair and boost shine and texture. These dyes usually wash out and gently fade over a period of four to six weeks. You can elect to use a semi permanent color to cover gray temporarily, or to change your overall color temporarily. It's important you keep in mind that you can't use a semi permanent for highlighting. Temporary and semi permanent dyes are a great choice for trying out colors before you move on to a more permanent blend.

Permanent Color
Permanent color, as the name implies, is permanent... well sort of. Permanent color usually lasts for weeks and weeks, though the color may change slightly over time. You can use permanent color to lighten or darken your natural hair shade. These colors bleach and then deposit color on hair. Permanent colors are usually much more damaging to your hair than temporary colors because they use harsher ingredients.

Selecting The Best Hair Color
Colors come in a wide selection of shades. Most shades can be broken down into warm and cool categories. The key is deciding whether you are a 'warm' hair color person or a 'cool' hair dolor person. How do you do that?
    Cool Hair Colors
  • Dark brown or blackish eyes
  • Gray or dark blue eyes
  • Hazel eyes
  • Dark or olive skin
  • Pale white with little color
  • Pale skin with pink cheeks
  • Tan or bronzed skin
  • Medium skin tones with pink undertones
  • Blue or black natural hair color
  • Deep espresso brown hair color
  • Medium golden-brown natural hair
  • Dirty blonde hair
  • Ash brown hair
  • White or salt and pepper hair
    Warm Tones
  • Medium or golden-brown eye color
  • Greenish or turquoise color eyes
  • Hazel eyes with brown or golden flecks
  • Brown skin with pink or golden undertones
  • Peach or golden skin
  • Golden-brown tanning
  • Deep brownish natural hair with reddish highlights
  • Strawberry and reddish blonds
  • Yellowish gray
  • Golden blondes
  • Freckled or 'ruddy' skin tone
You may find some of your features fit both categories. If this is the case go with the category that most suits you. People with "cool" characteristics generally look best in blacks, ash brown colors and cool blonds. These include platinum and whitish blonds. Usually cool skin tones can wear more of the outrageous and flamboyant hair colors than warm tones can, including purples and burgundy.

Warm toned people should stick to 'warm' tones like auburn, warm golden reds and golden blonds. Other colors will make your skin tone appear drab. You can also get away with orangey tones and still look very good.

Keep in mind you should certainly try to match your wardrobe and make up to your natural tone. Thus if you are a warm tone you probably don't want to have a lot of hot pink outfits. You'll look best in earthy toned colors. Likewise, pastels look best on those will cooler skin tones. One way to help decide your skin tone and the colors that will look best on you is through a professional beauty consultation. A professional can help you select a hair color and even help you select the best make up colors to bring out your natural beauty and features. You can take that knowledge with you into the future and make wise choices regarding your hair, make up and wardrobe.

The good news is if you are a 'do it yourselfer' most beauty products include whether they are 'warm' or 'cool' or neutral on the label. This is especially true of make up. Neutral colors tend to look great on both warm and cool tones. Remember, by matching your hair color to your natural skin tone, your bound to come out with a result that is dynamite and exciting.