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The Causes and Treatments for Dry Hair
Many women suffer from having extremely dry hair, understand the causes and treatments.
In most cases, it will take time to rid a person of damaged hair.
There are treatments to improve the look of damaged hair.
Conditioners can help moisturize, add shine and manageability
There are 3 types of conditioners. Do you know which is right for you.
 It is important you select a shampoo that matches your hair type
Selecting the right shampoo for your hair type can mean the difference between a great hair day and a bad.
Bring Out Your Hair's Natural Highlights
Do you want beautiful, natural looking highlights in your hair without spending a fortune on a professional highlighting job?

Hair Care - From Frizzy and Fried to Smooth and Silky

Do You Want Smooth and Silky Hair?

Most women want smooth, silky hair; however, one of the most common hair problems facing women is dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. Curly hair more commonly frizzes than straight hair, but both curly haired and straight haired women all have trouble with their locks at one time or another. Living in a humid client can contribute to the problem, making even healthy hair appear frizzy when you least expect it.

Fortunately there are several simple steps you can adopt to help transform your frizzy locks into smooth and silky ones.
  • If you have curly hair, your best bet is to leave your hair curly. Many curly haired women try to straighten their hair... and straight haired women are constantly trying to curl theirs. If you want your hair to look smooth and silky, go with your natural hair type. Any curling or straightening will only contribute to frizziness.

  • Shampoo your hair minimally as frequent shampooing often dries hair out. This can lead to more frizinness. If you do have to wash your hair daily, use a mild shampoo or alternate shampoo with conditioner only on certain days.

  • Find a lightweight conditioner you can use daily. Allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for at least two minutes.

  • Find a deep conditioner formulated for your hair type and apply it at least once every week. This will help tame frizzies in the long run.

  • Consider using a silicon based hair product. There are many on the market today that help minimize frizz and create a smooth, shiny and silky appearance. Examples include 'frizz ease'.

  • If you blow-dry your hair, use a light heat setting. If you have curly hair always use a diffuser to help combat frizz. Try to avoid blow-drying every day.

  • Consider a leave in conditioning treatment.

  • If you can afford it consider a salon conditioning treatment. Most salons offer deep conditioning that instantly revives hair.
Of course, one of the easiest ways to tame fly aways is to simply put a small dollop of your favorite lotion in your hands, mix and then apply to your hair. You don't want to coat your hair, but a little moisturizer along the ends does help tame frizz and can make your hair smell nice too. Be careful however. If you do this too often your hair will become weighted down. A clarifying shampoo once every few weeks can help minimize product build up.

Hair Products That Combat Frizz
There are a multitude of products that combat frizz. Some are shampoos, others conditioners, still others gels, mousses and silicone based defrizzers. Here are some products recommended by people who have successfully tamed even the frizziest of hair. Keep in mind not every product works for everyone. Depending on your hair type and texture, you may find one product works better than another.
  • Infusium - Infusium offers an entire product line to combat frizz from shampoo to conditioner to leave in treatment. They even have a spray you can use midday to help smooth hair. This product is good for finer hair as it is lighter than some silicone based treatments.

  • Frizz-ease - Silicone based hair serum that works especially well for combatting frizz associated with curly hair.

  • Clairol 5x - Inexpensive over-the-counter conditioning treatment that tames frizz.

  • Aveda Brilliant Styling Cream - Used before blow-drying, can help keep your hair smooth as you dry.

  • Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid - Use after styling or blow-drying to tame fly aways.

  • Potion 9 by Sebastian - This is a leave in conditioning treatment that helps create a silky, lush head of hair. While on the expensive side, you need only a tiny bit each use.

  • Garnier Fructis - Shampoo and conditioner helps tame frizzies.

  • Keratase Oleo-Relax line - Silicone based product that helps combat frizz. This one is a popular one among many well-known celebrities. Slightly more expensive than most anti-frizz products.
Most importantly you should remember that frizzy or brittle hair is dry hair. Your hair needs water to remain silky and smooth. Constant coloring, blow-drying and treatments can all contribute to frizzy hair. Believe it or not, a bad hair cut can contribute to frizzy hair too. Be sure you let your stylist know you want to control frizz. This is especially the case if you have curly hair. Hair cut in the right direction will appear smoother than hair cut in the wrong direction. This is a case where it pays to find a good stylist.