eDiets Glycemic Impact (GI) Diet

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

Cravings for favorite foods will undo even the best of diet plans, but the Glycemic Impact (GI) Diet at eDiets.com eliminates cravings by eliminating the sugar "highs" and "lows" that trigger those cravings. Take a look at a diet you can live with.

It's 10:00 PM. Do you know where your will power is?

As you stand in front of the open refrigerator, eyeing the leftover chocolate cake, do you ever wonder what happened to that resolute, strong-willed individual who started a low-carb diet last week with such fortitude and determination? Where did that person go?

Well, don't blame yourself (but put down the cake). Chances are, since you started your low-carb diet, your blood sugar levels have been bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. It's not natural to go without carbs. The body likes carbs - cakes, breads, pastas, rice and other starchy foods.

Carbohydrates (carbs) are, in fact, energy food - starches that are quickly converted by the body into sugars - the jet fuel of human activity. That's why marathoners carbo-load the night before the big race. Those carbs are converted to sugars that fuel the body through the 26-mile ordeal. They're an energy booster.

However, when you go without carbs and other natural sugars, you feel tired and rundown - ready for a nice nap instead of that important afternoon meeting. That's why the Glycemic Impact (or GI) Diet is one that you can actually live with over a long period, losing weight but not losing your energy or your resolve.

The Glycemic Impact Diet includes unrefined, complex carbs in the form of whole-grain breads and pasta, potatoes and wild rice, along with plenty of lean meat (chicken and fish) for protein and healthy fats like olive oil. The object is to eliminate those unpleasant sugar "highs" and "lows" that often lead to those sleepy afternoons and bedtime cravings.

The GI Diet will make you feel full longer because you're eating bulk. It will also stop your blood sugar levels from fluctuating wildly, helping to curb the urge to snack. Hunger will be less of a problem, allowing you to stick to this diet plan for months and years, losing weight gradually - the healthy way.

And, how about a couple of key side benefits? Because you can eat high-quality carbs on the GI Diet, you'll avoid those rundown feelings you've experienced on other diets. You'll feel sharper and more alert, with the mental focus you need to keep going throughout each busy day.

Finally, the GI Diet contains a lot of whole grains, which are high in fiber, contributing to a healthy digestive system and lower levels of cholesterol in the blood. It's the perfect diet for busy people who need to feel sharp all day long - and that's just about all of us.