How to Flirt with Your Eyes

Flirting with Your Eyes is Easy

It’s not just about the things you say or the touch, your body language and especially your eyes can convey a lot of messages that are enough to send shivers up your partner’s spine.

Have you ever experienced the feeling when someone might be talking about rocket science but your inside is in knots with anticipated tension just because of the way they look at you?

Flirting with your eyes is easy, but it does need a little practice so that you do not end up making a complete idiot of yourself. I once put so much glue while sticking my false eyelashes on that I actually ended up sticking my lids together in an attempt to bat my lashes at a guy, the result was a pair of very comically raised eyebrows with one of my eyes half shut.

Basics of Flirting with Your Eyes
The basic for any flirting with the eye is to be able to hold eye contact. A lot of people, especially girls find it difficult to maintain a lingering stare. Even if you are blushing scarlet, just hold that gaze. There’s nothing more intriguing than playing stare and to add to the game and make it intense, think about a series of passionate thoughts; do not blurt them out though. Also, please remember to blink AND breathe!

Having said that, keep in mind that any eye contact should not last for more than 35 seconds or else you’d completely freak the person out.

Eyes might be the window to the soul, but eyebrows are the mother of expressions. Raise an eyebrow (not both, that would only make you look like a school teacher asking for homework) if you detect something of an underlying meaning in the conversation. An arched eyebrow is the expression equivalent to a winking smiley face, it can turn any conversation sexual.

If you are flirting from afar, say in a party or at a club he is not really going to beable to see those intense lustful expression in your eyes or dilating pupils. Hold eye contact with him and give him a smile. Studies suggest that if a person makes eye contact with you for more than 3 seconds, they are interested in a conversation or maybe getting to know you.

If you can’t muster up the courage to go talk to him, keep making eye contact as that is a clear hint that you are interested in taking things to the next level. However, if you do make your way over to him, look at him straight in the eyes so he knows you are interested.

Always assess the expression on his face. Is he uncomfortable or feeling awkward? There’s no use starting to subtly raise a hinting eyebrow at someone who is not at ease with themselves around you. Get the person feeling relaxed around you, look at his body language, is he sitting stiff with his toes pointing out preparing to make a dash for the bar or the door?

Engage in flirty talk, find out what interests him. If the person continues to make eye contact with you, he may be interested. Once you get him to start talking to you he will visibly start to relax. Use your eyes to flirt and let him know your interested. Ask him questions about himself.

Seductive Eye Makeup
Your eye makeup and general grooming plays an integral part here. Always have proper shaped and tweezed brows so that your eyes can pop out and your expressions are less contained.

Longer eyelashes are sexy, not all of us are blessed with sweepingly long lashes, but thanks to eye curler and mascara. For ultra short lashes, false lashes are your best ally, go for the ones that you have to affix individually- a bit painstaking yes, but it gives a more natural appeal.

Play around with eye makeup to create a bold and seductive look. Black, purple, forest green and brown shades are great at pulling off a bold yet alluring pair of eyes. Steer clear of too much neon, they might definitely be the in-thing this season, but are a bit overused and not appropriate for a seductive look.

Lastly, always smile with your eyes, there’s nothing more attractive than a pair of happy and smiling eyes. Your smile, should at all times reach your eyes and trust me, it does show. Forget about laugh lines or even conscious flirting, just be yourself and go with the flow. Anyone can spot a fake when they see one, no matter how good you are people who try to be someone they are not end up repulsing others.

Be yourself and try these tips to flirt with your eyes and let us know your experiences. Until next time, Stay Happy and Stay Gorgeous!