Open Your Eyes To Perfect Eye Makeup!

Basics of Beautiful Eyes

The eyes are believed to be the windows of the soul. If that is so, what are your eyes speaking to others? Learning and practicing basic eye makeup techniques will give your eyes a polished, precise finish that will speak volumes of beauty. Shadowing, defining and shaping are the essentials to complimenting your eyes.

It is essential in all applications of makeup to have a foundation on which you can build the vibrant eyes you so desire. Begin by priming the eye area with a foundation and follow with a light dusting of translucent powder. This will enable the applied eye makeup some staying power.

It is not difficult to create dimension with eye shadow. Using three complimentary tones of eye shadow is ideal, but using only two can create a similar effect. The following steps for applying three tones of eye shadow will help you develop pleasing dimension to your eyes:
  • Using a medium firm, soft haired, eye makeup brush sweep the light shade from your upper lid lash line to the brow bone area, just past your eyelid crease.

  • Create a visual presence with the medium shade by using the top narrow edge of the same brush by following the natural crease on the upper lid. Be sure to blend it well.

  • Using a smaller eye makeup brush with firm bristles sweep the dark shade along the upper lash line. Blend the dark shadow as far as the crease. An optional technique is to apply the dark shadow under the lower lash line to create more depth as well.
As you are applying a contour of colors to your eyes, remember to keep the eye area free of shadow residue and specs. Failure to do so can result in creating unattractive results. To avoid residual dust, try placing a folded flat tissue under the lower lash line when brushing the shadow on. Women are designed with various shaped eyes. The most common shaped eyes are round, almond and Asian. You want your eyes defined and shaped. Using an eye liner allows you to "open your eyes". Your eye shape is defined by your lash line.

Compliment these common eye shapes using these basic eye liner techniques:

  • A result of slightly thicker lines is needed at the outer corners of the eye.

  • Line the outer two-thirds of the upper and lower lash lines, to lengthen the eye.

  • Angle the line upwards on the upper lash line as it moves towards the corner of the eye.
  • Line entire upper lash line and use with neutral eye shadow.

  • An optional method would be to also line the lower lash line and soften with the brush.
  • It is important to completely line the lower lash line.

  • Line the upper lash line by starting at the outer third of the lash and extend a straight horizontal line to the corner.

  • Fill the gap between the line and lashes with the liner.

  • Soften lines with a brush.

  • Highlight cent of upper lid and blend out lines on each side.
Further accenting of the eyes comes with the application of quality precision mascara. Each common eye shape requires a specific application technique. Round eyes need the emphasis placed on the outer corner upper lashes. Almond eyes need mascara on the upper lashes, with emphasis on the outer corners. A light coat should be placed on the lower lashes. It is recommended for Asian eyes to use an eyelash curler then mascara both the upper and lower lashes.

When applying mascara at the base of your lashes add a little magic by wiggling the wand slightly to allow the mascara bristles to grip and coat as many lashes as possible, as the wand wiggles up towards the tips. This takes practice to maximize your lash potential. Be strategic in how much mascara you apply. Finish with a brush to separate lashes and remove any clumps. You are one step away from obtaining those stunning, soul speaking eyes.

The finale to maximizing impact and framing your eyes is grooming your brows. Every set of eyebrows are unique. The starting point of your eyebrow is the vertical line from the side of your nostril moving straight up. The finishing point of your brow is a straight line from the side of your nostril, along side the outer corner of your eye up to your brow area.

A few tips to remember when grooming your brows:
  • Do not pluck hairs above your eyebrow.

  • Pluck in proportion to your face and natural brow shape.

  • Groom in a straight line on a slightly upward angle, finishing in a soft arc over the outer third of the eye. All stray hairs under the line should be plucked.
Every woman's windows to her soul shine when enhanced with the basic techniques of shadowing, defining and shaping the eyes. With continued practice, patience and an array of supplies, your eyes are your voice.

Hold his gaze with this seductive eye makeup tutorial
If you are rating a woman hot, based on a mug shot, there’s a 90% chance that are you are looking at her eyes. It’s a known fact that eyes can speak volumes but can it really communicate to your man, what you are trying to hint at? No matter what your eye color or shape is with the right makeup technique you can make your eyes look playful, neutral and even seductive.

There are certain considerations to be kept in mind while you are going for that bewitching eye makeup. First off, we all love Lady Gaga, but do not, I repeat do not copy her eye makeup, unless you want to complement it with a meat dress or a leotard. The mantra here is to go subtle yet seductive and if you are still confused, read on.

Start with the basics- eyebrows tweezed and tinted? Check! Eye lashes curled? Check! Eye Primer on? You thought your foundation would take care of it? The skin on the eye lid is almost three times thinner than the skin on your face and hence more prone to bags and discoloration. An eye primer takes care of any hint of dark circle while abating puffiness and ensures that your eye makeup stays on for a much longer period of time.

There are two makeup looks that are easy yet perfectly achieve the purpose- the cat eyeliner and the smoky eyes. Perfect for someone new to the world of beauty and makeup too.

Cat Eyeliner Smoky Eyes

Cat Eye Liner

For the cat eye liner, you would need a bit of practice and dexterity especially with the wings, but with time you’d be a complete pro at it. Start with applying the eye primer and if you think you still need a bit of help in the concealing department, use an eye shadow shade closest to your skin tone. Then take a liquid liner, (a cat eyeliner is done best using a liquid liner rather than gel or pencil as it gives a more angled look) and make a very thin line across half your eye lid, as close as you can to your lash line. Here’s a quick fact, the main purpose of lining your eyes is to make your lashes appear darker.
Detailed Tutorial - Cat Eyeline

Don’t worry, if your line is a bit wobbly looking, we’ll take care of that later. Now, keep the tip of your liner at the exact end point of your lid and draw a small line towards the end point of your eyebrow, just a tiny little stroke. Make a traingle starting from the tip of the stroke till the inner edge of the lid and fil it completely.

If you find this a tad bit too difficult, just go for the wing. Start with lining your eyes across the natural shape of your lid and make it a bit thicker than usual, then pull out a line from the outer edge, you can draw a straight line or an upward curving like the one in the picture below. Use a smudger and soften the line or use a black eyeshadow to get that smudged look.

Here are a few different versions of the cat eyeliner that you can practice.

Cat Eyeliner Example 1

Cat Eyeliner Example 2

Cat Eyeliner Example 3

Smoky Eyes

The best thing about smoky eyes is that there’s a perfect one for every eye color. While black is most synonymous with this mekup tutorial, try playing around with with brown, metallic green and purple.

Sephora + Pantone Presents How-To: Smoky Eyes

Start with the eye primer (we can’t specify enough on the necessity of this step) and draw a thin line across your upper eye lid. If you want a completely black look, go for a black liner, otherwise, green or purple makes for a gorgeous look. Take the required colored shadow on a brush, tap off the excess and apply on the lid. Do not keep reaching for the shadow, in stead smudge the color all over the lid unless you want a solid mattified smoky eye like the one in the picture.

Why not experiement with different colors and by different color, we mean two shades of the same color with the lighter shade for the base and the darker one on top. Metalic hues are hot this season, and metallic does not mean glitter. Pair up with light metallic green with silver highlight or a hint of gold with red.