In most cases, it will take time to rid a person of damaged hair.
There are treatments to improve the look of damaged hair.
One of the most common hair problems facing women is dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair.
Facing dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair, fortunately we have the steps to transfomr frizzy into silky.
Conditioners can help moisturize, add shine and manageability
There are 3 types of conditioners. Do you know which is right for you.
 It is important you select a shampoo that matches your hair type
Selecting the right shampoo for your hair type can mean the difference between a great hair day and a bad.

Remedies for Dry Hair

Causes and Treatments for Dry Hair

Many women suffer from having extremely dry hair, which in turn can cause hair damage. It is important to understand the causes and treatments for this condition. Unlike the once beautiful flowers outside my bedroom window that are dying slowly from lack of rain and water, the solution for dry hair is not simply to add water. In fact for hair, water is often the culprit. Swimming and over shampooing are two common reasons for dry hair. Other enemies include the sun, wind, chemical treatments, heat from curling irons or blow dryers, and even genetics.

Hair normally has moisture content of 10% If your hair's moisture content falls below that level, it can decrease the hair's ability to attract and retain moisture. Furthermore, often times the sebaceous glands at the roots of the hair does not produce enough natural oil. This oil nourishes the hair and makes it healthy looking, too little of the oils can cause dry and dull looking hair. Whether your dry locks are caused by weather, heat sources, or lack of natural oils; there are ways to remedy dry hair.

  • Shampooing as mentioned above can clean your hair, but can also strip away oils that dry hair needs. Unless, you have an oily scalp, women with dry hair need only shampoo their locks every 2 or 3 days, and less if possible. When shampooing pay special attention to the roots and scalp, avoid rubbing the hair shafts and ends; the rinse will act like a magnet for the shampoo and clean those areas. Always use a mild shampoo specially formulated for dry hair; often times containing Humectants. Use shampoos that offer a low pH; shampoos that are high in pH's or pH balanced shampoos often lift the cuticle allowing moisture to evaporate.

  • Conditioners are often the key to eliminating dry hair. One key to conditioning dry hair, always towel dry your hair and get rid of as much moisture and water as possible before conditioning. Never skip conditioning hair that is dry. In the winter months, leave conditioners on for at least 3 minutes, and 1-2 minutes in the summer months. With conditioner, unlike shampoo, you're main objective is the roots and ends. It is recommended to comb the conditioner through the hair before rinsing, to ensure adequate coverage of the hair. Use conditioners that contain Humectants Another great alternative to traditional conditioners is the use of Mayo. Mayonnaise makes a great conditioner for dry hair; leave on for 5 minutes to an hour before washing it out. When rinsing conditioners out of the hair, rinse with tepid to cool water, this will help the cuticle close and lock, giving maximum, longer lasting benefits.

  • Drying and Styling dry hair is often a big problem, because women are usually in a hurry when drying their hair, they often reach for the blow dryer. If you must use a blow dryer or curling iron, keep it on the lowest setting possible. But if at all possible allow dry hair to dry naturally. And when it comes to styling, go back in time to those sponge rollers or plastic cylinder rollers from years ago. When using gels or lotions on the hair, look for those made for dry hair with moisturizers. Often times those that have fruit extracts and natural oils like flaxseed and almond oil are great for dry hair.

  • Avoiding environmental culprits like wind, sun, and water with salt or chlorine will help in eliminating dry hair as well. It is advised to wear a scar or hat when out in the sun or wind. When swimming, use a rubber cap or avoid getting the hair wet. If you know you're hair may get wet, apply olive oil to the hair prior to swimming or going to the beach. And when or if the hair does get wet, always wash afterwards with a specially formulated swimmer's shampoo found at drug stores.

  • Regular visits to the salon for trims and cuts. Another great option to revitalizing your dry hair is to get regular trims, at least every 6 weeks. Because it's often the ends that are the driest looking; it's important to have regular haircuts and rid you of those nasty split ends.

Alternative Treatments for Dry Hair
There are several alternative treatments to eliminating dry hair. And believe it or not, some are pretty great.
  • Aromatherapies are believed to help improve dry hair. If you add a combination of six drops of lavender, bay and sandalwood essential oils with six ounces of warm sesame or soy oils then apply the oil to the hair, wrap in towel for 15 minutes, then rinse; this will help in treating dry hair.

  • Food Therapy; yes even diet can play a part in the dryness of one's hair. Eat lots of food high in omega -3 fatty acids, such as fish. It is recommended that you eat salmon or some other cold water fish at least twice per week. Add flaxseed oil to your diet; approximately two tablespoons a day added to popcorn or potatoes can replenish lost hair and skin oils. Flaxseed has a buttery, nutty like flavor, try it, it's not that bad.

  • Hot oil treatments are great for adding oils and moisture to dry hair. These can be bought over the counter or you may want to visit a salon for the treatment. But a great "at home" remedy is the following: Place 1 or 2 drops of safflower oil in your palms and rub them together, scrunch into the hair and leave. Or try this remedy, massage 2 tablespoons of warm olive or almond oil into your hair, wrap your head in a warm damp towel and wait 30 minutes and then rinse. Apply hot oil treatments to the hair at least every 3-4 weeks for maximum benefits.
By following the regiments above routinely, eliminating your hair's vulnerability to the environmental hazards, and visiting your salon regularly can permanently rid dry hair and keep it at bay.