eDiets Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.
Sure, everybody talks about cholesterol, but what can you do to lower your cholesterol level and still enjoy the foods you love. eDiets.com Cholesterol-Lowering Diet Plan is how, and you won't believe how easy it is. Really!

There's nothing wrong with cholesterol. In fact, it's produced by the body naturally. So, it's not some strange, toxic substance, but it can still be dangerous to your health. Extremely dangerous.

First, if you haven't had a cholesterol check, get one to determine just how serious your cholesterol problem is. Even if you eat a low-fat diet, you still may have high cholesterol. You can thank heredity for that. Your cholesterol level, whatever it may be, is determined by your family history and by the foods you eat. Now, there's not much you can about your genetics. But you can certainly do something about your diet to get that cholesterol down to a safe level - below 180 is considered safe. (Hey, some people have levels above 300. Now, that's high.)

eDiets Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan is designed specifically to get you closer to the safety zone, even if family heredity has your cholesterol level flying high. You see, there are two kinds of fats. LDL stands for low-density lipo-protein. It's also the bad cholesterol everyone's concerned with. You'll find LDL in things like red, fatty meats, bacon, egg yolks, butter, cream and most of the things we all enjoy eating. Such is life.

LDL, the bad cholesterol, is responsible for clogging blood-carrying arteries as these little globules of fat collect, solidify and form arterial plaque over time. If this plaque build-up continues, eventually it will restrict blood flow, resulting in a heart attack. So, step one in lowering your cholesterol level is to eliminate foods with lots of bad cholesterol.

Step two is to increase your intake of foods high in HDL, which stands for high-density lipo-protein, also called good cholesterol. These are healthy fats, found in all kinds of good foods. HDL actually removes plaque build-up from blood vessels, increasing blood flow.

Do you enjoy avocadoes? Guacamole? Avocados are a high-fat food - ahh, but it's the good fat, so enjoy (in moderation, of course - it's still high in calories). Other sources of HDL include peanuts, walnuts - in fact all nuts contain HDL. And so does most fish - scrod, sole, tuna - all excellent sources of HDL. So, cut out the bad fats, increase the good fats - that's all there is to it, right?

Well, not exactly - especially if you enjoy a thick, juicy steak a couple of times a week. Finding a diet that allows you to enjoy good tasting, satisfying foods, low in LDL (remember, LDL bad, HDL good) - has been a challenge for many who carry with them high cholesterol levels. That's why eDiets Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan was created - to provide a sensible diet that will not only lower levels of LDL, but will also raise your enjoyment of the foods you eat - and there are plenty of them from which to choose.

No one wants to give up their favorite foods forever, and now you don't have to. You can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals that substitute foods high in LDL with foods high in HDL. You still feel full after eating dinner and you aren't stuck eating a bowl of steamed vegetables.