The Wonders of Bath Oil, Soap and Salts

Reviewed by James Brann, M.D.

After a long, hectic day, nothing compares to the pleasure and relaxation of a long, luxurious bath. Just thinking about the warm water releasing the tension in your muscles, the scent of your bath products wafting in the steam of the water, a hot washcloth over your eyes liberating the pressure in your sinuses would make anyone feel better. Ah, yes, nothing like a peaceful, quiet bath. But to get the most out of your special bath time, it helps to know the difference between some of the various bathing products, such as bath oils, bath soaps, and bath salts. Believe it or not, there are reasons behind the use of each one of these wonderful bathing products. The correct use will only serve to better the enjoyment your bathing experience.

Bath Oil
If your skin is dry or damaged, try adding bath oil to your bath. Oil is the perfect skin therapy to use in a bath because the warmth of the water helps the oil absorb into your skin. The oil leaves your skin feeling sleek and healthy after the bath. Bath oil comes in two popular forms. You can find it simply, in its natural oil form in bottles, or purchase it as beads. Beads are fun because they come in a variety of shapes and colors. You just drop a bead in the bath water and watch it dissolve. Then, experience the soothing oil as it gently mingles with your bath water. Some quality bath oils include: Nature's Gate's Bath Moods Invigorating Foaming Bath Oil, which contains lemon balm and plantain to help firm and energize skin, and Burt's Bees' Body and Bath Oil that contains Vitamin E to moisturize and seal in that moisture. Bath oil is a great skin treatment that helps soften and moisturize your stressed-out skin.

Bath Soaps
There are so many different kinds of soap, where to begin? Well, you can bathe with regular bar soap that can be easily found in your local grocery store, but many of the brands tend to dry out the skin, instead of keeping it healthy and bright. Instead, why not try the wonders of high-quality natural, French, and decretive soaps?
  • Natural soaps are usually handmade, created with only pure and natural ingredients. They leave you skin feeling amazingly soft and supple. Sun Feather Natural Soap Company and Earth Naturals are just two businesses that create and sell handmade natural soaps.
  • French soaps are similar to many other beauty products that are made in France because they are of the highest quality, their scents cannot be matched, and the texture will not be beat. Also, French soaps tend to last longer than the average bar soap, and that is a huge benefit when saving money. If you want to feel and smell fantastic after your bath, trust that French soaps will do the trick. You can find French soaps in any upscale soap boutique or order them from the Internet.
  • Decretive soaps are great when you want to add a little color and style to your bath. However, not all decretive soaps are premium soaps. Try the decretive bath soaps from Splash Beauty Products and you will not go wrong.
Bath Salts
Bath salts are the perfect way to add trace minerals to your bath. Trace minerals are minerals such as zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Our bodies need small amounts (trace) of these minerals to function properly. Bath salts are great for cleansing the skin and softening the rougher parts of our bodies like our knees, elbows, and heels. Bath salts come in a wide range of colors and scents. The salt used in bath salts can come from all over the world. Some companies use salts from the Dead Sea in Israel, while others use sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. Bath Salts from top-notch companies, like San Francisco Bath Salt Company and Saltworks, handcraft their own bath salts and add essential oils to make your bath as enjoyable and refreshing as possible. Many bath salts even have aroma-therapeutic qualities.

So whether you opt for soothing bath oil, a fragrant French soap, or healing bath salts, you will be sure to have a wonderfully relaxing bath while healing your body, mind, and soul.